Monday, May 31, 2010

Mamorial Day Weekend : "action!"

Well, it feels like summer already! The Sun is with us, the Ocean is getting warmer and nicer (noo need for wetsuits already) with little fun waves, just enough to have fun on the way out and the landing (that's the best part...). Of course it is quite crowded, but it is Memorial Day Weekend.
Sunday we had three tours, all but one were able to get inside the cave, but we saw Dolphins in the morning, which is always very exciting, even for us!
We wish you all a great Memorial Day, today more than ever the four Flags on the building matters.
The La Jolla Sea Cave Staff.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Sharks are BACK!

Today, finally, we got to see 4 Leopard Sharks close to the wall, just South of the Marine Room! We have been waiting for them all winter, and now here they are! We are so lucky to be able to kayak at the Shores and see them. Even if they are harmless, they can reach 7 feet... and thy are still SHARKS! The 4 we saw today were young ones, about 1 foot and a half only.
It was so great to see them again!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

afternon Kayaking tour to the caves on Saturday 15 2010

This adfternoon, we (Cyril and Dom) had a group of scouts from Coaliance. The ages ranged from 7 to... So we had the luck to welcome Aidan, Paul, Sebastian, Joe, Grant, Matt, Isaac, James, Dave, Noah, Mike and Mike Jr. The surf was small, no problem for the take off. As we got closer to the caves, some swell was still hitting the caves, so we waited for a break in the sets. Everyone went in (and out!) safely, and after the race on the way back, we played a bit by standing on the kayaks (not great for stand up, but we do with what we have right?), and of course all those who tried flipped over... no big surprise there, that was the goal anyway. Even Aidan whom was our youngest guest and was in a tandem with his Dad Paul stood up! The water was warmer than the air, it felt awesome.
It was great ride full of fun and laughters.
Thank you guys for coming out with us, we as guides had a blast too.

Sea Cave tour , saturday May 15 2010.

For the 10:00 AM tour, Noelle and I (I'm Dom by the way, the store manager), took Leon, Andrew, Richard, Stephen and Joe for a kayaking tour from La Jolla Shores to the caves and back. The waves were about 2 feet high at the Shores, so it made the take off fun and very wet for all of us. It was great. After a bit of practice, we headed South towards the caves. The swell was not big, but present, so we had to very carefully time our entries in the Clam. But hey, we made it! We saw a lot of Sea Lions hanging on the cliff around the caves, and a bunch of Pelicans and Cormorants all over.
On the way back, we did a little race. I don't remember who won though... sorry :-) !
Back at the shop, Cyril used my camera to take a shot of us, check it out...