Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday Party on the water!

For Chatanya's birthday, Manali wanted to surprise him with a private tour for them and Aditi and Manas, so we set up birthday balloons in the shop, and on the boats! Chatanya was totally unaware and surpised about it. Manali even brought in cupcakes and candles, hiding them in a beach bag as they were just supposed to go spend the day on the beach!
Cyril getting ready to push out the boats

Manali and Chatanya

They made it!

 Aditi and Manas.
We paddled along the shores to the caves, a lot of cormorants on the cliff, and a lot of sea lions everywhere, all sizes, all ages!

Then the low tide and calm swell allowed us to land at Emerald Cove for a mini birthday party with cake!

Landing at Emerald cove.
Back of the Clam Cave from Emerald Cove.
Then it was time to go through the Clam Cave...
... and head back to shores with a little playtime on the way.
Happy Birthday Chatanya!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Lake La Jolla Shores!

Yesterday the Shores was like a lake, with a 20 feet visibility, no wind and  no waves!
In the afternoon we had a Team Building event, and we saw dolphins as soon as we took off, then we cruised close to shores at the Marine Room and saw at least a dozen of Leopards sharks in shallow waters!
Plenty of Sea Lions at the cave (easy to go in and out), with 3 sea lions hanging in the back of the cave. It was so warm that no one needed a wetsuit, and today the conditions are as good!
Sea Lions around the caves.

Emerald Cove.
The "Meraki Company" Kayakers! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We are back!

Hello everyone, we are happy to be back for the season 2013, and yesterday on our first official tour 4 dolphins got very close to us. Andrea and Rouen were amazed to see them so close, and we were all ecstatic by our luck! 

Andrea & Rouen

Despite a very good visibility, we didn't get to see any Leopard Sharks though, there are very few staying for the winter, they should be back in May when the water will warm up!
The cave was calm in the morning, the entry and exit were easy.

In the afternoon, the wind picked up and it was choppy, so the visibility was not that great anymmore, and we had to paddle against the wind to get to the caves, but Beth & Chuck with daughters Shelby & Taylor, and Julianne & Paul from Toronto enjoyed the work out :-) and watching the Sea Lions basking in the sun.

Beth & Shelby watching the Pelicans and the Sea Lions

Chuck & Taylor following me into the Clam cave

A great day on the water, looking forward to many more throughout the summer,
Dom (lead guide) and Lucio (photographer).