Saturday, August 13, 2011

Amazing Snorkeling again!

Incredible snorkeling yesterday at the Shores with plenty of Wildlife everywhere!
So great, and the kayaking tours were so smooth, easy take off, easy entry in the caves, perfect conditions!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Photo Tour

Saturday 08/06, Jonathan booked a private photo tour for his friends Trevor who was getting married (bachelor's party on the water!). The waves were nice, about 3 feet, enough to have a fully wet take-off and a fun landing for sure... We all had a lot of fun, the caves were great and easy, Chris was the leading guide, and I was taking pictures of the adventure.
Look for yourself....


And a little relaxing video:

Special Snorkeling Tour this morning

I took Madi out on the 10:00 AM snorkeling tour today, gentle waves, good visibility, dozens of sharks, shovelnoses half buried in the sand (some the biggest I've never seen in La Jolla, 7 feet long), and some baby ones no longer than 20 inches, 2 bat rays, and... while we were snorkeling in the tidepools, a seal cruised by us, that was really really special! It was quite big underwater, it did scare us for a few seconds, we didn't expect that. We rarely have such a good visibility here, this morning was a blast!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Got fog and waves today!!!

We had a 9:00 AM tour in the fog and through the waves this morning, that was something special! But on the way back from the caves, we saw dolphins... the water temperature was quite cold compare to the last few days, some cold water coming from the La Jolla Canyon. It is amazing here, each day is different. Late morning, the sun finally came through to stay and warm us up. The waves' size shrunk with the tide going down, it became easier to go out and warmer.
Madi, Eldon, Chris, Jessica.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Today I went out for a snorkeling tour with Amanda and Karly at 10:00 AM. There were small waves with the incoming tide, so the visibility was not great at the beginning, but after 30 minutes we finally got to swim above dozens of leopard sharks, tiny batrays and stingrays! It was great, we found that little spot about 50 feet from the shores where the visibility was about 15 feet, and all those sharks of all sizes were just cruising at the bottom! At first Karly was kind of scared to be so close above them, but she quickly relaxed because they really do not mind us! Oh and we also saw a Guitarfish Shovelnose.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wild tours!

Thursday, I had the chance to take the 9:00, 11:30 and 2:00 tours out! I have never seen a school of batrays here, but that's what we saw during our first tour to the caves with a group of teenagers from a Church, and then on the way back we saw a bunch of Guitarfishes. The visibility was 20 feet, we could see the bottom all the way, it was great.
Then at the 11:30 we cruised the shores looking for the Leopards sharks; Jake was the first one to spot the first shark, until we got surrended by dozens of them in very very shallow waters...
On the 2:00 PM we went straight to look for the sharks at the same spot, and they were still hanging there with the Guitarfishes. On the way back the sun finally showed up, and we stopped to get in the water, even Peter got in, we all agreed that Life was very good in La Jolla!
We were able to get in the cave for the 11:30 and the 2:00, I had a fantastic day on the water yesterday, I got to share my love of this place with small groups with great people.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

WOW, a Sea Lion eating a Guitarfish ShovelNose!

Cyril took the 9:00 AM tour out today, with Ellen and Dylan in a tandem boat. When they reached the Arch, they watched a sea lion throwing a guitarfish shovelnose in the air, biting at it, and this for 15 minutes! When Cyril called me at the shop, I left Chris, grabbed my camera and ran to the boat ramp to get to the caves as fast as possible. I was lucky enough to find them still there! It is amazing what we can witness on the first tour, there is no wind, the ocean and the caves are ours, and the wildlife is having breakfast! A blast!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dolphins, Sea Lions ... and waves today!

When we took off for the 11:30 AM tour with Mark $ Ann, Eddie & Amber (Happy First Anniversary tomorrow!), Penny & Baldwin, Jim & Chris, Michelle & Elsie, and Sam, we had to go through a few waves, it was fun, and wet, and we made it! At the horizon we saw a bunch of sea gulls and pelicans on the water, surrounded by a lot of splashes, meaning school of fishes ... and DOLPHINS. So we went straight to them, and we saw them. Perfect timing. Then we had a few visitors around us, 3 sea lions hanging there and checking us out. That was cool. We went to the caves, but the swell didn't allow us to get inside the cave safely, so we looked at the sea lions on the rocks and came back before landing with a wave (some of us dry, some of us not so dry (they loved it!)). A great tour with great and fun people!
Dom & Sam.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dozens of sharls today!

I went out for the 11:30 and 2:00 tours today, and we saw dozens of leopard sharks at the Marine Room. So now we know, the sharks are back in town!
Abigail, 9 years old kept saying "it is so cool" on the 11:30 tour, she loved the cave and the sharks!
This afternoon, we even saw dolphins, that made Michaela's day! Mark, Colleen and Gabriel were happy with the sharks and loved going in the cave!
Plenty of Sea Lions on the rocks too.
Great day today.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We saw our FIRST SHARK !

we saw for the first time this season a Leopard shark! Not for long, but that is a good sign! It was about 3 feet. The water was warm, the sky a bit overcast ... okay, not a bit, a lot! But we went in the cave and saw plenty of Sea Lions and DOLPHINS!