Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kayak Stand Up!

If you are "up" to it, try to stand up in your kayak and paddle as if it was a stand up paddle board!
That's what the group did yesterday morning. The water is warm, 64 already, the air temp is about 70/72, summer is coming!
Guides: Daryl & Gabe
Pictures: Gabe

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Clouds, Sun, Caves and a few sharks today!

Overall a bit windy today, but all tours were able to enter the Clam cave, a lot of Sea Lions are on the rocks, and the 9:20 AM tour had the chance to see a few Leopard sharks.
Early afternoon a Grey Whale was spotted about a mile off the Shores!  Bellow are a few pictures from the 9:20 AM tour with Cyril as a guide and Max to assist the take off. Photos by Gabe.
Cyril giving his paddle instraction

Max assisting the take off...

Prop for the picture! 

At the Slide looking for the Leopard Sharks

Paddling along the 7 sea caves.

Friday, April 24, 2015

The weather does not stop us

Rainy morning,  sunny mid-day, cloudy/sunny/windy afternoon, we got it all today, but all our paddlers on all tours had fun going to the caves. No cave entry though due to the waves, but a lot of Sea Lions on the rocks (some basking in the elusive sun, and some swimming around). Still a day worth kayaking and enjoy the Pacific Ocean!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ziggy in training

This afternoon Ziggy our mascot got to join for a little while the 2:40 pm tour with Megan and Sean!
I must say that he was more excited playing with his ball in the sand than go kayaking. But he did pretty well for about 15 minutes, which is an improvement already. Caleb our youngest passenger enjoyed having him around :-) The group went into the Clam cave, but still didn't see any sharks even though the sun came out during the trip.

Not a good listener... too distracted by his ball.

Playing fetch after kayaking with Tanner

Earth Day or Ocean Day?

Today's "Earth Day", wait a minute, 71% of the earth surface is water covered, and the Oceans hold about 96% of all the Earth's water... so today should be OCEAN DAY!

A bit overcast on this special day, but Tanner on the 11:20 AM tour was able to go into the Clam cave with his tour and check the Sea Lions around it. 
Despite the good visibility (15 feet) and the calm winds at the Shores and the slide, they were not able to see the Leopard sharks unfortunately. But we know that they are around, and we can see them anytime!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Tour

For Bob's birthday, his wife Alice and daughter Rachel treated him with a private kayaking tour to the caves with the option of having a photographer tagging along. Take off and landing were very easy, but the waves at the caves were pretty big, fun to watch though :-) We were able to see a few sharks in the shallow water at the slide and went to the kelp bed where we saw 2 dolphins from far away.

Happy Birthday Bob! Here with daughter Rachel.

Take off from La Jolla Shores

Looking for the Leopard Sharks are the Slide.

Leopard Shark.

Along the caves

In front of the Clam cave!!!


Sea Lions and Dolphins

Last Thursday we saw Sea Lions (as usual) around  the caves and a couple of dolphins on our way back to the Shores. Though we couldn't enter the Clam cave due to the waves, we  raced and stood up in our kayaks, the water being about 62 degree Fahrenheit, it was a lot of fun with a great group!
Thank you Hans, Annette, Eva, Steve, Lorrie, and Ann Mathias Jonathan Erica.

Gabe demonstrating the paddle holding

Sea Lions at the Clam entrance

The Clam cave entrance, too shallow and rocky for a safe entry

Steve and Lorrie cruising by the Sea Lions and Cormorants

Sea Lions

Eva showing us how to stand up in a single kayak, well done Eva :-) !

Friday, April 10, 2015

First Leopard Sharks "encounter" for the 2015 season!

We opened April 1st for the 2015 season, and after a week of waves and wind, today on Cyril and Megan's tour at 2:40 pm, the group was able to see 7 Leopard Sharks, about 5 feet long, probably the first females coming in the shallow waters to give birth late May.
Though still a little bit windy, the conditions since yesterday improved a lot as all day today the tours were able to entry the cave, and there were a lot of Sea Lions on the rocks.