Friday, June 29, 2012

Sharks, Shovelnoses, Sea Lions, ...

Finally, summer has arrived, with the Leopard sharks, the Guitarfish Shovelnoses, superb visibility (20 feet, pretty good for San Diego!), and jellyfishes! They are very pretty though, and so big that you you cannot miss them!
The cave is mellow, the take off and landing are easy, it is perfect!  In the kelp bed, a sea lion was basking in the sun, cooling off (check the video).
Bellow are a few pictures from the 2:00 PM tour, with Nicole, Johny, Suzana, Barbara, Jenny and Joshem.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Has Summer finally arrived in La Jolla?

It looks like the Sun is finally among us!  The water temperature is on the rise, 3 Leopard Sharks have been spotted yesterday, AND we had Dolphins in front of La Jolla Cove jumping out of the water yesterday afternoon, on the 4:00 PM tour! Caves were a little bit rocky, but we managed to enter between the sets.
In the morning, Will and I had a Private Tour for Mariela's bachelorette party... It was a gift from her sister Cricket, with photographic package, and we all had a blast :-) and we wish you THE BEST Mariela!
Dom & Will.
Assisted Take Off by Will
The group on their way to the caves
Arriving at the caves
Entering the Clam
About to land with Arthur and Johny ready to assist
Landing in style with Cricket and Vanessa

The Bachelorettes:
Genevieve, Kari and Laeticia (back)
Cricket, Mariela, Alice, Katherine, Vanessa.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Private Tour with Eli & Suzanne

For Eli's birthday, his sister Jessica offered him a Private tour with photography;
I was lucky to take them out, the advantage of the private tour being that we can take more time, and you are alone with the guide! We went in the cave, we only saw a dozen of Sea Lions on the rocks, but that was enough to make our day! We saw Sterns fishing, Cormorants swimming by, it was very nice. At the end of the tour the sun finally decided to show up, which was nice too!
Assited take off

in front of the Arch

frominsoide the Clam

at Razor Point, with Sea Lions on the rocks


Thursday, June 14, 2012

June Gloom

OKAY, I agree, the overcast layer is a little bit of a bummer, but let's take in on the bright side: no sunburn!
And the Ocean is getting warmer, yesterday we saw for the first time the Guitarfish Shovelnose at the Marine Room, Sting Rays and Bat Rays. The Clam is easy to get in and out, the Sea Lions are close to the caves, the water is clear... it was fun.
At 11:30 with Pamela, Arielle, Kevin, Amanda, Martyn, Tyler and Natasha, we played on our way back, trying to stand up on the boat, and Arielle, Pamela and Natasha were very good at it, as you can see on the pictures!
Pamela, Arielle and Kevin

Tyler, Amanda, Natasha, Martyn

Arielle, getting air!

Natasha jumping