Sunday, April 6, 2014

We are OPEN!

Fantastic month of April so far; we are happy to say that we opened for the 2014 season April 2nd, with 2 tours daily, and so far we were able to get into the Clam on most of the tours (note that the conditions can change anytime in April).  The afternoon is a little bit windier than the morning, and the water temp is on the cool side (around 60 degrees), but the Sea Lions are basking already around the caves; yesterday on the morning tour we spotted one Leopard shark (it is only one, but it means that they are coming in). Two days ago two juvenile Sea Lions were on the edge inside the Clam, that was a treat! The underwater visibility is pretty good at the caves, we could see the Garibaldi and even in some places the bottom.
In front of Sunny Jim cave.

Sea Lions close to The Clam Cave.

Cruising by Emerald Cove.

Tricia and Emalee following Cyril into The Clam Cave.

Tricia and Emalee coming out of The Clam Cave.

Emalee, Jensen and Dad Brent.

Emalee standing up, good balance!

Val, my very friendly co-pilot today :-)