Friday, August 28, 2015

Another beautiful day here in La Jolla Shores!! Not a single cloud was spotted in the sky today and as temperatures hit high 80's I had trouble keeping my participants out of the water. Somehow we managed to do slightly over two miles of paddling past leapord sharks, soup fin sharks, garibaldi, and tons and tons of sea lions before finally allowing ourselves the luxury of a swim. We paddled all the way out to the kelp forest and dove among the 70 foot tall plants! We managed to make it into the cave today as well even with some pretty big waves. Luckily this intrepid group of paddlers was up for any challenge. Conditions look set to stay perfect and I hope to see you all out here in La Jolla before this perfect summer comes to an end!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Today was an absolutely wonderful day for kayaking here in La Jolla. I have been working as a guide with La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks for about three months now, and today had some of the best conditions I have seen so far! As we paddled over the breaking waves at the kayak launch, we were able to look down and see tons of leopard sharks swimming around on the shallow sandy bottom. From there, we cruised over to the sea caves with minimal headwinds and calm glassy waters mimicking the conditions of a lake. Approaching the caves, we were able to see down to the rocky reef as if we were paddling in an aquarium among the Garibaldi and many other types of reef fish. The water was so calm at the caves, that it allowed us to paddle through Emerald Cove and enter into the famous Clam Cave via the "backdoor" entrance. On the way back from our cave excursion, we watched Sea Lions playing, Brown Pelicans and Brandt's Cormorants diving for fish, and even facilitated a couple special challenges for the guests to test their paddling and balancing skills. Landing back at the kayak launch was a breeze and our guests surfed the waves into shore like professionals. Cheers to all those who were fortunate enough to experience kayaking in La Jolla on a day like today, as it was one for the record books!

I hope to have you all join me on our next tour,
Austin Catevenis