Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bachelorette Party on the water

Lucky me, I got to guide Wei (bride to be next July) and her friends Jenny, Michelle, Laura, Marcia, Lisa, and Linda on a tour to the caves. The waves at the beach were about 2 to 3 foot high, which was pretty exciting, but by using the "assisted-launching" technique (meaning with Cyril we stood behind each boat and helped going through the waves, one boat at a time to avoid capsize), they all got through very well.
After some practise with the turns, we started our adventure to the caves.
The swell was big at time, and I knew that we wouldn't be able to get inside the Clam unfortyunately, but we cruised along the cliff looking at the Pelicans and Cormorants, we could hear the Sea Lions close by.
We stopped in front of the Clam to take a few pictures, and then went outside the reserve to check out the Sea Lions on the West side of The Cove. On our way, we saw a young sea lion in the kelp bed, and on the way back we spotted a pintail (giant kelp, see picture with Wei holding it).
At the landing, some landed dry, and others... wet!
The temperature of the water is getting warmer by the day, no wetsuit today, it was great! If it keeps going this way, we will soon see the Leopard Sharks.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So nice out there today

The weather forecast was wrong for today, rain was expected, but the sun is out, the Ocean is calm, no wind, the visibility is 15 feet underwater... it is perfect! We have plenty of room on the 2:00 PM tour, call us if interested, today's conditions are great!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Plenty to do, plenty to see!

The morning started with a nice blue sky, no wind until 11:30 AM, but very little activity.
For the 2:00 PM tour, Roslyn had a private tour with me. The wind did pick up, it was choppy, but it was fun to go through the wind swell to the caves. A few sets came in, but we were able to sneak in the Clam twice, once to check it out, once to take a picture from the inside. Roslyn was game for action! Sea Lions were resting all around the caves. Then we went West, towards the horizon, so I could show Roslyn where Children's Pool was. As we were heading back towards the Shores, we saw a Harbor Seal in the kelp bed, and a dolphin! A lot of Cormorants and Pelicans were hunting, there must have been a school of anchovies around us. We went to the Scripps Pier, and picked up a lot of trash on our way. The landing was easy despite the choppy waves. Rain is expected tomorrow, it will be an other day...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nice to go in the cave today

Finally today the Clam was accessible by kayak! It has been a while and it was quite exciting to be able to go back in the cave, especially on all 3 tours. Having small tours for sure gives us an edge, we can take more time teaching our new paddlers the how and when to turn safely inside the cave.
Cyril went out twice, on the 9:20 and 2:00, I went out only once on the 11:40 tour with Adam and Marisa, Todd and Taylor, Mary and Clint, and Bryson who's is in training to become a guide. At the beginning Clint was not really into it, as he said that Mary brought him in!  But after 10 minutes he himself agreed that it was fun, and at the end he told me that they would come back with friends!  Despite the overcast weather, it felt awesome to be on the water, we had the pleasure of having a Sea Lion hanging in the water at the cave's entrance, very small waves at the take off and landing, now we are waiting for the Leopard Sharks to arrive... and it will be perfect!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

May the swell be with you!

Great Fun tour today at 11:40, with Mike & Shannon, Amanda, Michelle, Megan, Kristen, Tracy, Rob, Albert, and Long, 2-3 footers at the take off, but everybody made it through the surf without any problem, it was awesome. The ride to the caves was a little bit bumpy, the Clam was not accessible due to the swell, but we all had a very good time on the water!
At the landing, some of us made it dry, some... a little bit wet, and some... soaked! But they all agreed, the best was ... the landing!
Dom & Bryson.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Small craft advisory!

Well, no kayaking today, due to high winds (25 to 30 knots), we won't be able to go out.
Nature is in charge and decide...

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Cool Days"!

We have brand new boats this year : Ocean Kayaks Scrambler XT for the single boats, and Malibu 2 XL for the tandems. All yellow and new.

Yesterday we went out under a blue sky, little wind, very good visibility underwater, and in the afternoon we were able to go in the cave, it was choppy, but by timing it right it was quick but fun and safe.

Today it is overcast and windy, and heavy rain is expected this afternoon! Cyril went out with Beth and Jason on the 11:40 tour. They saw dolphins, Jason went into the cave with Cyril, they just came back, they loved it (that'a what Beth said) and are changing, and now the rain is falling! Perfect timing!

The Sharks are not around yet, too cold I guess for the females to give birth, we will have to wait a few more weeks for them! Can't wait to have them back and show them to you, they are so amazing to look at and snorkel with.

For now we enjoy the Sea Lions (we saw a pup yesterday climbing on a rock where adults were), the Cormorants, The Pelicans, the Garibaldi, and just being on the water paddling around!