Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

The Weekend started with strong surge, wind and waves on Saturday, to the point that we had to cancel our 9:00 AM, it was just too hard to go out, and then the swell was big out there, not fun. The late morning tour and the afternoon were able to go out, Thanks to the high tide!
On Sunday, things got a lot better, it was sunny and warm, beautiful... and so many people on the water and on land!
Today, Memorial Day, is perfect, very small waves at the take off, little wind, less people, a nice summer day!
Hopefully the water temperature will keep rising, and the sharks will show up soon.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

In the cave today!

Both tours were able to go inside the Clam today, the conditions are getting better by the day now, finally!
Almost no wind, even at 2:00 PM, enough waves for fun at the take off but easy landing for all.
Sea Lions on the rocks, very good visibility, but no sharks yet. Soon... the water is getting warmer too...

Nice Sunny Day

Arthur & Will firing up the group in the shop before walking down to the beach for their 11:30 AM Tour to the caves!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sea Lions

 The 9:20 and 11:30 tours went through some surf at the take off today, and of course we had to surf in at the landing, which everybody loved! the tide was very low early, so the caves were rocking, but around 12:30 we were able to go in one boat at a time in between the sets.

Stephanie was on her way back home after a 3 months journey from Africa to Europe, then the US then Australia (home) on Wednesday.

Aimee and her daughter Season came to SD for Aimee's brother wedding, and Lynn and Joyce are starting their 2 weeks journey from SD to San Francisco on the 101.

We saw a lot of Sea Lions basking on the rocks around the cave at Emerald Cove.
Staff: Cyril, Bryson & Dom.


 Left: The Clam (view fron inside)
Above: Sea Lions

Left: Bryson jumping out of his boat for fun!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunny day

Today the sun made its apparition around 10:00 AM. Because of the tide, the 9:20 tour was not able to go inside the cave, it was too rocky, some swell still going on.
On the 11:30 tour, most of my paddlers were able to go in, but I had to make the tough decision to deny the access to the boats with kids, for safety reason, sorry Shell, Brandi, Glenda, Steven, Dana and Jasmine. I know they badly wanted to go in, but it was too risky, and safety is always number One.
The Sea Lions are still hanging on the rocks, and the kids were very happy about that (and the adults too).
On the way back we raced with each others, for fun, the winner had to stand up in their boat. The winners were Mike and his Mom Shelley (Mother's Day gift :-).
Yesterday was Rick's birthday, and I believe he had a great time with Lydia, Mechelle, Cindy & Sandra.
Sarah & Kyle came down from Temecula for an afternoon at the beach.
The water is still clear at the Shores, it is warming up, and we are getting ready for the sharks.
Dom & Will.
Sea Lions at Razor Point

Jasmine and Glenda

Kyle and Sarah

Mike and Shelley during the race

Mike jumping out of the boat

Sarah and Kyle, Shelley

Will, balance exercise!

Kyle, "surfing" a tandem...

A Brandt Cormorant swimming by with Perry and Marylyn 

Kyle and Sarah

Friday, May 11, 2012

Rough in the caves!

Everyday is different, today the take off and landing were easy, but the caves were rough, unsafe to go in!
The water visibility was excellent at the Shores, but it got darker as we got closer to the cliff due to the swell.
Let's hope tomorrow we will have both: clear water and safe to go in the cave!

Cave Tours

Yesterday we had 2 fun tours, with waves at the take off and of course at the landing (almost everybody was wearing wetsuits)! The caves were good and we were able to get in between the sets on both tours; the Sea Lions were all over again, which was nice.
On the 11:40 Am tour, with Alyssa and Halle daughters of Heather and David,  Paulette (who was celebrating her birthday with us on the tour) and Evelyn, Jessica and Danielle, and Ben and Angela, were a lot of fun, we stood in the boats, we did a race, we got in the water (the water was nice even at 63 degree);
At the landing, Paulette got the biggest wave as a Birthday present, but she did manage to stay on the boat which was pretty impressive! No one flipped over despite 2 to 3 feet waves. Great group.
Dom & Bryson.
 The Team: Alyssa, Heather, Halle, David, Ben, Angela, Paulette, Evelyn, Jessica, Danielle.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun Fun Fun

Today on the 11:40 AM tour I had the pleasure to take Celeste & Joel (from Arizona who got married 2 days ago and were on Honeymoon in San Diego), and sisters Ursula & Brenda (originally from the East Coast). I must say that maybe I should have paid them to take me on that tour, because I simply had a blast! Tiny waves, sunshine, clear water, Sea Lions including pups resting around the caves, easy ride in the Clam, a little race on the way back plus a swim for Ursula & Brenda, just awesome. Still no sign of our friends Leopard Sharks, but the water temperature is on the rise, and soon we will see them everywhere.
Cyril had a private tour almost at the same time, with Annie & her husband, they too had a fantastic time.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Private Tours" today!

I lead two tours today, the 11:30 and the 2:00, each with a couple in a tandem, that's two private tours, can't be better than that! Each tour we went twice in the cave, got close to the Sea Lions, went to the Kelp bed. The visibility was very good all the way to the cave, we saw a lot of Garibaldi, but still no sharks in view...
Bellow are the pictures from the 11:30 tour with Desja & Howard.  While paddling to the kelp bed, we saw a couple of dolphins about 20 feet away from us. Morning tours right now are a lot easier, almost no wind, warm. The afternoon tour with Shelly & Chris was great too, but the water was choppy and the wind picked up. But both couple had a very good time on the water. Mission accomplished!
 Before take off, making sure the seats are adjusted and they are comfy!
 In the Clam.
 In the Clam.
 "Sea Lion on the rocks!".
 Emerald Cove, with Sea Lions in the background
 A taste of kelp (called pintail) for Howard!
 Landing is always fun.
Happy couple = Happy guide :-)